Vancouver Island Natural Disaster Restoration Specialist

60 MINUTE RESPONSE TIME: 1-888-618-ROCK (7625)

Vancouver Island is the greatest place on earth. Although this is the sunshine state, we all have to brave, on average, one natural disaster a year. Our state is common for floods, mudslides, earthquakes, and fires. We are here to help you protect and maintain your assets during the chance any of these affect you and your family or business.

  • Call now to have our team install temporary structural support, board up the damaged property, remove fire hose water, remove ash, remove soot, and begin the remediation process.
  • DO NOT enter into any room or structure that appears to be un-safe by showing any signs of structural damage such as sagging, visible cracking, uplifting, leaning, or unnatural openings.
  • DO NOT walk down hill of a structure that has recently experienced a natural disaster.
  • DO NOT leave the structure unattended or allow others to enter until we arrive.
  • Call your insurance company to make a claim.
  • Make plans of temporary stay if the structure is unstable. Check your policy for out of home living provisions.
  • Take pictures if a camera or video recorder is available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email so we can help you remediate and restore your property: 1-888-618-ROCK (7625)

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